Sunday, January 4, 2015

Do dogs have "Spidey" sense?

I swear when Augie and I near my friend, Nan's, house her dog, Sammy, does the small dog bark for all he's worth - at the front door.

Now, mind you, most of the time the door is open leaving Sammy a clear view of whatever is happening outside through the full glass storm door.

My point is, though, that we haven't even entered his field of vision yet when he sounds the alert.

How the hell does he know we're coming?

For a while when we first rescued Augie and actually got him a license tag and an ID thingy I thought the sound of those two items clanking together sent out the message.

It wasn't long before the clanking drove me crazy so off they came and the neighborhood dogs still barked.

Nell across the street barks at us.  The Dobes at the corner sound like they're coming through the door.

Augie has great hearing although he has an issue with where the sound is coming from - a slight handicap but we love him anyway.  He only barks at the people/dogs he can see through the picture window in the living room while kickin' back in the recliner.

So what do you think?  Spidey sense or what???


  1. My dog Ruby can tell when any of our cars are coming down the road to the house before they are in sight also.Jim

    1. Wow, Jim, thanks so much for commenting. Other than FB, people rarely comment here. It's a thrill and not a small one.
      Ruby sounds like a dog with a keen sense of hearing. Definitely spidey.

  2. I have wondered this same thing. When I am walking Rockefeller, I can't believe how many dogs I will hear start barking indoors...whether they can see us or not. I don't believe they can hear us because nothing jingles on Rocky's collar/leash. It's spidey spooky. But hey, if they can train dogs to alert people that a seizure is coming on, then they must has something extra-sensory going on.