Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Where are your hands???

A while back I did a "30 Word Thursday" about where you place your hands on the steering wheel. 

I knew when I posted it that 30 words were not enough so here's the expanded version.

Back in the dark ages, we were taught to hang on to "10" and "2."  Recently I heard that "3" and "9" were better.

I've experimented and I find them both comfortable.

I remember as a teen defiantly driving with one hand.  I'm not sure what I did with the other but I knew how cool I looked so I threw caution to the wind.  I was the only teen that could drive that way safely.  No matter what the driver's ed teacher said.

I have heard about deaf people driving with their knees so their hands were free to "chat" with whoever was sitting shotgun.  Yikes!

I rarely drive one-handed anymore.  I guess the caution factor finally kicked in - must be an age thing, eh?

I could go on and on about people driving and texting, driving while applying lipstick and driving and munching a Big Mac but I believe I've already covered that in a earlier blog.

So.  Where are your hands?

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  1. love to read the blog, well pictured also..Keep it up...Fab