Sunday, May 25, 2014

Speaking of hands

Last Wednesday I wrote a blog about where you place your hands on the steering wheel.
Well, today I'm going to issue a warning about doorknobs and hands.
Why the hell I was in a hurry to get into the shower yesterday morning is beyond me.  I didn't have a hot date I needed to primp for.  The Secretary of State wasn't coming to the house for lunch.  
I had just come home from Jazzercise and was scooting into the  bedroom while disrobing.  It's a technique I have perfected.
I grabbed my bathrobe to make the run to the bathroom and as I entered that room I was pulling off the robe.  That specific action calls for my left arm to fly over my head and come sweeping down right on top of the door knob. Well, I hadn't planned that part; it just happened.
Hence . . .

This is what I saw after exiting the shower.

Later in the day it morphed into this.
 No broken bones.  Everything moves and there is only a little discomfort.

Please ignore the age spots.  I'm looking for a tool in my picture program to get rid of those pesky things.
One exists, right?  Right???

Is there a lesson to be learned here?  Oh, are you waiting for me to give the answer?  I don't have one; I'm asking you - is there a lesson to be learned here?  If there is, please forward it along.  Please.


  1. Replies
    1. Absolutely and this wasn't the first or, I'm certain, not the last time this will happen to me.

  2. Lesson: Slow down. It's a hard one to learn after a gazillion years of always doing things the same speedy way.

    1. I have called this time in my life "the age of deliberate movement."
      Now if I would just listen to myself.

  3. Our skin thins, and then thins some more, as we age. It doesn't take much of a bump for us to bleed......a.........lot. of those fun things about aging :)

    1. And don't you just love to hear a young doctor say, "and as we age?"