Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Augie's snack

Recently I started giving Augie a lunch-time treat . . . carrots.
I read somewhere that they were good for dogs and might help "dog breath."
He likes them - a lot.  I slice them up and drop them onto the food he hasn't finished from the morning feed.
I have also given him a whole carrot and he enjoyed flinging it around for a while and then settled down to crunching.  I was afraid it would stain the carpet or he'd choke on it but it worked out nicely.
When I first started the carrot thing I washed each one; I didn't peel, just wash.
Then it dawned on me that this is a dog that enjoys a cat-shit snack whenever he can find one so . . . no more pre-washing.
By the way, I haven't noticed a huge difference in the breath department but he's enjoying the hell out of those orange things so I guess I'll keep it up.
Good for his eyes, right?

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