Sunday, May 4, 2014

My open house

It was another great open house.  Spring can be dicey.  If it's too nice, people are out in their yards.  If it's cold and rainy, they very well might stay home on the couch watching "Green Acres" re-runs.
But yesterday they came and enjoyed themselves and took stuff home.  Yea!

Alexa's pottery is always a big hit.

I was a bit nervous about my paper beads.  I wasn't sure if people would "take" to them.  For years they've seen only glass from me.

No worries.  A lot of rolled paper left through the front door yesterday.  Woot!

Sue makes the cutest darn things with paper too.

Sticky notes inside!

These boxes got a lot of oohs and aahs.

Jenna brought some of her woven items.

Darling frames.

Her photography is outstanding as well.

Fran's soap makes me smile every time I pick up a bar.

She had a new item this year - a shampoo bar.  Can't wait to try it.

Lisa was there making everyone healthy with her ItWorks! products.

People were bellying-up to the bar for a shot of Greens.
Customers were happy and vendors were pleased.
It was a good day.


  1. Wow everything looks wonderful, Ellen. I love your paper beads! Your pictures are dynamite! Are the beads on a mandrel glass or paper? Like the looks of them! Sounds like you had a great show, happy for you :)

    1. Harriet - are you talking about the earrings? They look like they're on a mandrel but they're actually earrings on sterling wire.
      If that's what you mean - they're paper.
      All the beads in the above pics are paper.
      Have you checked out my FB page: Beaddazzled? There are more pics there and all paper.
      Thanks for checking in, kid, and commenting, too. People rarely do.