Monday, December 16, 2013

Morning rituals

Do you have one?  Does it change with the seasons?  Does your day get off to a really rough start if something gets in the way and alters your ritual?

How about an evening ritual - do you have one of those too?

When I was a workin' gal my morning ritual was automatic.  I actually think I slept through it, zombie style, on many occasions.

Now I can go into it with a bit more thought because I have more time but it seems as though that might be the rub.  Too much time.

First up is a seasonal one.  I put the thermostat back up to "normal" so we don't freeze in place during the day.  Next, eye drops and OTC stuff - vitamins, aspirin and calcium.  Then Augie's food and water.

Don't talk to me during this run because then I'll forget something important and everything is important!

Now I can cruise until it's time to get dressed.  I've showered and brushed my teeth, don't fret.  

The only hitch in getting dressed is when I apply deodorant.  It is crucial that application takes place after upper undies and before lower undies.  I have left the house sans deodorant before so there can be no distractions during this process.  Sorry if that's too much information for some of you but you asked.  Wait . .   you didn't?

As I sit here sharing this fascinating info with you, I just realized I have some nightly rituals as well.  Aren't you glad I'm not finished yet?

Coffee must be made for the next morning.  Petey and I share that one except when we don't.  "I thought you made the coffee."  "No, dear (that's me), don't you remember, honey, you said you'd do it."

Then a pillow must be placed in front of the glaring blue lights that belong to the router so that I don't see them all night long.  Yes, they're in another room and, yes, we close our bedroom door but I CAN STILL SEE THEM!!!

I'm also in charge (because it only affects me and my OCD) of leaving the remote at the computer desk so when I sit down in the morning all I have to do is stretch my arm out just a teeny-tiny bit for it as opposed to getting up and walking all the way over to the coffee table for it.  It's not because I'm lazy I just like to save steps.  

Have I over-shared?  Was this one a bit creepy or do you also have weirdo things you simply must do to make life worth living?

OMG!  I'm fully dressed, make-up applied, etc. and I just checked and I forgot deodorant!!!  See what you did - it's all your fault!


  1. And now all the mystery surrounding the blue house on the block has been lifted...nothing left to imagine. : )