Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Foo-foo-fancy dinner

I blogged about this annual event last year but it's so wonderful I knew you'd want to see this year's, too.

As one of the 6 trustees for the Mignon Sherwood Delano Foundation, I get to give away $$$ and eat well.  What's not to love about that combo, eh?

We receive 35-45 grant applications from area non-profits every year and award anywhere from $165,000 to $200,000-ish.  The warm fuzzy we all get from giving back to our community is amazing.  And eating well isn't bad either. hehe

Again this year our yummy meal was served at the Delano Inn by  Don't let the "light-weight" name fool ya.  Lori cranks out way more than cupcakes.

First - let me set the scene.

Appetizers and beverages were served in this room.

A little ho-ho-ho to make the season bright.

Plenty o' seating for the 10 of us in the dining room.

This is the only bedroom on the main floor of the inn and it served as our coat room.  Fancy, eh?
 And now for the chow!


There were also little meatballs that were TDF but in my frenzy I forgot to take a picture of them.

Nice touch - cute.

We've all had Lori's salad before and are big fans.

This is actually not my plate - it's my table mate's.  Wanna know why?  I was like a vacuum cleaner and before I knew it there was nothing left on my plate to photograph!  I really need to slow down.  I was the first to finish.  It was slightly embarrassing.

This is what I live for.  OMG, what that woman does with desserts is award-winning.

That's Lori on the left and, I'm sorry, but I either didn't get her trustee assistant's name or I did and forgot it.  
And last but not least . . . a shout-out to the best secretary (she really should have another title - "Delano Queen" or "Master of the Application Process") in the world!  

Tammy McDaniel.  Because of all the work she does before we even get the applications for review, the entire process goes so smoothly.  We have become a "well-oiled machine" or like I said last night "like shit through a goose."  Ok, not exactly a classy description but, you guys, without Tammy we'd be floundering around out there.  She's our anchor.
Another year has come to a close for us.  We'll do it all again next fall.  It's one of my favorite experiences and it's not all about the food.  Really.


  1. Yay! That's my momma! Thank you for appreciating her Ellen. It warms my heart that she is being acknowledged for all of her hard work!

    1. Every word is true and from the heart, Misty.

  2. Beautiful surroundings, beautiful food and finally a beautiful reason to get together! It doesn't get much better than that!!!