Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Christmas coffee with the "lady-gang"

Every Wednesday morning the "lady-gang" gathers at MugShots.  We've been together for several years now; women come and women go as life changes but Wednesday has been consistent.

A few years ago, Sheila Shaw, thought we should all go to her house for a holiday coffee.  So we did and we've been going ever since.

This was the first Santa to greet us as we entered but definitely not the last.  Sheila takes decorating for Christmas to a whole new level.

Honestly, I only took pictures of about 1/10 of everything.  I was hungry - what can I say.

I was so hungry that I missed taking a picture of the yummy egg/sausage casserole.  I was the first in line which is par for my course and it never embarrasses me. 

Here is the lady-gang hostess, Sheila, with her fur baby, Angel.

This isn't everyone and at one point it got quite loud.  Twelve or so women all talking at the same time raises the decibel level into the stratosphere.
 The conversations can go from books to movies to recipes (I'm rarely involved), to clothing, to . . . you don't wanna know.

Time with this bunch is always enjoyable and doesn't Rosie's hair look nice in the back?  Not always an easy look to pull off.

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