Monday, December 9, 2013

Dinner group brunch

Yesterday as we were sitting around the table stuffing our faces we, once again, tried to remember how long we've been together.  I know we've been hanging out for more than 16 years but that was the only contribution I made to that discussion.

Irregardless, as we age it seems to be more difficult to get all 12 of us around the table at the same time.  This is the second occasion  we've had a brunch instead of an evening meal because of schedule conflicts.

No one came in their jammies, like last year, and time together was as comfortable as an old slipper.  I had mine on.

Let me set the scene at the Hunter home:

Rosie sets a nice table, doesn't she?

Rosie claimed she hung all the wreaths (there were many) but we knew that wasn't so.  Right, Tom?

I don't know what these two were up to but Tom said that's how you get baby angels.
Peter and Paula (no Mary)

A rose between two thorns? hahaha  Joy and Becky

Tom, the host and Richard, the sidekick

Jim holding the counter top in place and the hostess, Miss Rosie

The other Tom joined by Melissa
We even had musical (?) entertainment
 The food:

Outstanding pork, savory rice and a noodle thingy with tofu.  This is not my plate; I hadn't been served yet but I was afraid to wait for the photo op until my food was set in front of me.  We all know when I turn on the chow vacuum, photographs are forgotten.

The muffins had us all making "mmmmm" noises.  It got a little embarrassing after a while.

My shot of Melissa's fruit/yogurt concoction was blurry but take my word for it - perfection.  And speaking of perfection - if I don't say so myself (well, I guess I am, right?), my moca brownies were fan-friggin'-tastic!!!  OMG, people.  The recipe came from  Check her out.

Yet again, food and friendship can not be beat.

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  1. How wonderful to have such long close friendships! Well worth the work of meshing all your schedules so you can be together!! That is what the Christmas and Thanksgiving season is all about!