Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Walkin' Augie in Saugie

I've written about Saugatuck before and posted pics as well but there's just something magical about the place.  It draws people year round.  

Sunday was a less gloomy day and I am not a fan of Sundays anyway (they seem to go on for friggin' ever) so we decided to take Augie on a road trip.  We figured it wouldn't be too busy for a mid-October Sunday so he wouldn't be too crazy.

Wrong.  It was busy.  Almost like a Sunday in July.  He wasn't crazy, tho'.  He was a good boy.  I remembered that we'd taken him there when we first got him to get him used to seeing people milling about.

Saugatuck revisited:

This picture is a good representation of Saugatuck in my book.  Funky and arty.  Look!  Augie's doing the photo-bomb thing; upper right corner.  Augie butt shot.
Apparently the city fathers/mothers thought to keep these big old trees when the sidewalks went in - thanks!

Interesting bark on one of those big old trees.
Corners and planters are festooned with fall regalia. 

There's also a hot topic coming up on November's ballot.  I'm not up on all the details but it has something to do with joining services with neighbor, Douglas.  I noticed that most of the signs in Douglas (as we drove through on our way home) were against consolidation and about 50% of the signs in Saugatuck were for it.

Colorful stepping stones in the park of Augie's introduction to Saugatuck.

Augie's re-enaction.  Looks like he's spotted a bird or a squirrel.
A fall basket of goodies tucked in near a front door.

An empty parking lot near the empty boat slips is indicative of fall.

Makes me just a little sad.
But let's not end this blog on a downer, eh?

I can guarantee you that if you go to Saugatuck in January on a Saturday afternoon, you'll see people hanging out near the fudge shop on the corner, entering/exiting Phil's or buying silly greeting cards in the drugstore.  Go - and then scoot over to Douglas because it has a personality all its own.


  1. Have not stopped in Saugatuck in 30+ years. I guess we need to make the time to do that! Glad Augie enjoyed his trip!

    1. We could be persuaded to meet for lunch.

  2. We were there Sat. night for dinner and had an hour wait....there were others who we talked to while waiting that had to wait 2 hrs! It is always a great place to go no matter what time of year! I miss that some places are closed in the winter....but it makes you appreciate them that much more in the summer months.

    1. Eating at a popular spot on the weekend, for us anyway, requires showing up before 6p or after 9p. The "after 9p" days are over for us.
      You must have been @ Phil's - my favorite.