Sunday, October 13, 2013

Allegan's 175th anniversary

Allegan had a birthday!  175 years!  My how time flies, eh?
Joe and Deb Leverence decided there should be a party so they threw one (with a ton o' help) yesterday.  Music, food, horses, old time crafts and dancing.

Mother Nature was invited and she showed up in a big way.

Here's the "thank-you" card to the local businesses that kicked in prizes and $$$.

Up close and personal in the petting "zoo."


The blow-up activities were there in full force.

Speaking of blow-up.  Balloon animals were everywhere.


A happy customer.  I say "customer" which makes it sound like money exchanged hands but it didn't.  Everything was free!

Spinning and weaving.


Blues at the gazebo.  Oh, yeah.

The Presbyterians conducted a chili cook-off.

Petey and I tasted - and voted.

You could have your picture taken and then superimposed onto an old-time pic of Allegan.  What a great idea.

This wagon ride was so popular we never got a chance to hop on.

These guys were the final act of the day at the gazebo and were a blast.
Apparently this group really enjoyed the music.  No matter how many times they were asked to leave Mahan Park, they wouldn't budge.  Does anyone know who they are????

Here's Joe making a heartfelt thank-you to the community.  You can tell it's heartfelt - look where his hand is.

Ms.Mayor (Betty McDaniel) reading the proclamation.  She said "where as" a lot.  See the box on the table?  It was filled with items that will be placed in the "time capsule" to be opened in 25 years.  Wonder if I'll still be able to hold a camera steady at that event?

Several people came dressed for the era.

The evening festivities began with a barn dance.

 The decorations were great.

Who won the costume contest?

There was a "caller" for the dancing.  I don't believe there were any injuries.

There were tasty treats on the table along side this cake but they hadn't cut into it by the time we left.  I'm sure it was good, tho'.

Everyone who attended the dance went home with a wooden "nickle" provided by Baker Studio.  Cool, eh?

It's amazing what can be done in a short amount of time by incredibly hard workin' people.

Happy anniversary, Allegan.  See you at the 200th?????

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