Sunday, October 27, 2013

A Clan Gathering

My mother turned 91 last Tuesday and her brother's 90th is next month.  All the planets were lined up perfectly for the McDonald clan to gather in Dearborn for an early birthday celebration for my Uncle Ray yesterday.

There was a third sibling.  My Uncle Ray had a twin.  My Aunt Theo died in her 40s. She was the coolest of cool and we referenced her a lot yesterday.  So, do the math.  My grandmother gave birth to my mom and 13 months later had twins!

Our three "boy" cousins.  Terry (Ter) on the left; my Aunt Theo's son, Richard in the middle and Scott on the right; Uncle Ray's sons.  Those 3 men have sons - no daughters.
This is Maureen (don't ask me why the large font isn't working) and she's married to Scott's oldest, Tavis.  They're going to have a baby in February and it's a girl!!! 
I wasn't (there's the large font again - yea!) able to get a picture of Tavis.  He kept sitting in front of the picture window - bad lighting.  I also only had one picture of the hostess, my cousin Scott's wife, Linda, and she'd kill me if I posted it - eyes closed/mouth open.  No one wants that on the internet, right?

Scott and Richard's sons were all (5) there too but I can never keep their names straight so I'll post the pictures anyway - except Tavis, of course, because of that picture window factor.

 The afternoon flew by and
soon it was time to start the
hugging.  I forgot to mention
that we also had a very nice
visit with my Aunt Jean, Uncle
Ray's wife, who was unable to
come to Scott's house.  She is
an amazing woman; one of my
all-time favorites.

The last photo of the day.  The clan thought it would be a good idea to throw a Sicilian into the mix.
 It was a great time.  Thanks again, Scott and Linda, for hosting.

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  1. Making wonderful memories with your family....what a great day!