Thursday, December 21, 2017

Soft Stalking

Interesting title, eh?  Aren't you dying to find out what it means?

Ok, I'm going to define it - my way.

I love music and I have a handful of artists that I greatly admire.  I follow them online to see where they might be performing and then Petey and I jump in the car and take off when possible.

If a musician's web site has a "contact me," I'm all over it.  Why not?  I send my compliments and almost always hear back from them.

I was absolutely captivated by EG Kight.  I email-stalked her until Petey and I could finally get down to see her in KY.  We've seen her several times since then.  She let me sing with her IN MY LIVING ROOM!  We've become friends.

We got the Blues bug the first time we saw Delbert McClinton on TV.  We were hooked.  We just saw him in Ann Arbor Tuesday night and it was the best ever because we were incredibly up close and personal.  When we saw him in KY (same venue as EG but a different time) he was staying at the same hotel we were in.  Can you see what's coming?  Yup.  I saw him across the parking lot and ran screaming toward him.  It's a wonder he didn't call the cops.  He was gracious and gave me a kiss.  I didn't wash for a week.

I met Greg Nagy (a MI fella) at a benefit concert a number of years ago.  I made it a point to speak to him and we fell in love.  Can't you see it in this picture?  Ok, maybe not love but darned close.  I've lost count how many times we've seen Greg perform and enjoy the hell out of him every time.

We only got to see Ann Rabson once with the Uppity Blues Women.  She was amazing.  I knew she and EG were friends so I used that (and my elbows) to make my way to her during the break.  I must have said something very amusing to make her laugh so but 30 seconds with her made me realize she was just that way.  She died some years ago but has certainly left her mark with wonderful lyrics.  She actually wrote a song that EG and Greg recorded on EG's latest CD.
There's a sub category to the "soft stalking" - it's called "mild email stalking."  That is reserved for authors mostly but that's how I met EG too.  I have sent many emails to authors telling them how much I liked their books and have always gotten a reply - and not one of those canned emails either.
Hey, who doesn't like an atta boy?

So, I'm wondering if stalking is too rough of a description of what I do.  
Maybe I'm just a persistent, adoring fan.

Whatcha think?

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