Sunday, December 3, 2017

Do you have a schedule?

This question would apply to everyone - still working outside the home or toiling like a ranch hand inside.

My mom used to wash the bed sheets every Monday.  I have tried to keep that regime alive as well.  Do I always succeed?  Not always.  I asked a friend (don't twist my arm I won't tell you) how often she washed her sheets.  Her reply:  when they start to smell.
See why I didn't divulge her name.

Grocery shopping has never been scheduled for me.  It may possibly be tied into the fact that I hate cooking and also live only 2 blocks from the store so I can fly by anytime.  Often it's on a daily basis.  I try to tell myself that I'm shopping like the Europeans.

Other than the sheets I call Sundays "face and floors" day.
I know you understood the "floor" thing but you must be wondering "what the hell is she doing to her face every Sunday?  We know she's not taking it to church."

Well, if you must know then I must tell you.  I use a facial scrub to keep my cheeks looking like a baby's butt.  Ok, maybe I don't quite achieve that goal but it doesn't stop me from scrubbing.

At my age you don't want to over-scrub.  So getting after those cheeks weekly is better for senior citizen faces than every other day like when you were in your 20s and 30s.

Oh.  I just thought of another schedule - monthly haircuts for Augie and me and monthly massages for ME!!!  I make those appointments for the next month as I'm leaving so I don't put anything else on my calendar.  They're extremely important to my health and happiness.  Augie agrees.

So.  Now it's your turn.  I'm sure there's some smart ass out there that's going to say they wash their windows twice a year.  

Don't bother commenting if that's you.  hehe


  1. Of course I have a schedule, I am my mom's daughter! Cleaning and sheets every Sunday afternoon. Like to have everything fresh for the start of the week. And I shop like the European's also, because I am a Brachman woman and hate to cook too.

    1. Wow, Laur. Thanks for actually commenting ON my blog. No one ever does that.
      So glad the Brachman DNA lives on.

    2. Schedule, not so much, habits Yes! Randy walks the dogs every morning, I put out tbeir food and bowls, make our bed, put the dogs beds away, get dressed and make myself presentable. Upon waking up, grab robe, pee, turn tbe tea kettle on, test my blood sugar, take my meds, eaat a hard boiled egg (for my sugar), put coffee in the french press, post my blood glucose #'s on my diabetes support group all before tbe tea kettle whistles. Need I go further or is that pathetic enough??

  2. First off, Dill, you're in good company with my niece, Laura. You actually commented ON my blog.
    Second - the only thing you left out was your teeth brushing routine. Start off on top/outside and then move to the inside? Then bottom, etc? hehe

  3. I enjoy your blog. I have often thought it would be good to have a specific day to do cleaning, but at age seventy I still haven't decided on one. Oh well, I am in no hurry.

    1. Thanks, Janis, and thank you for commenting.
      I'm with you on the specific cleaning day schedule; except for the "floors and face" day I let things roll until it becomes glaringly apparent I haven't dusted in a awhile.