Wednesday, December 6, 2017

A Metaphor

First off I have to tell you that I had to check the definitions for metaphor and analogy.  I always get those two mixed up.

I think I'm set so here goes.

I have several pottery bowls.  I love pottery.  It's a Brachman daughter thing - we all love pottery.

One of my favorite bowls broke recently.  It was a favorite because of its size, not necessarily the color.  It was a bowl I used a lot.

The break wasn't horrific.  I thought it was possible to glue the parts back together so I took it up to my bracelet making work room.  

Super glue did the trick - almost.  It wasn't going to be very usable so I had a decision to make.

Keep it and not really use it which would mean it would take up space on a shelf and look pretty . . . except it really wasn't very pretty.

I struggled with the decision and finally decided to through it out.
I can hear my sisters right now.  "Eeeek!  She threw it out!"

Can you see the metaphor coming?  

I'm likening the decision in what to do with the bowl to many decisions one has to make while traveling through this life.

Like:  1)  not keen on this job I've had for 16 years.  Should I continue on or look for something different/better?  2)  I love this pair of jeans.  They're so comfortable but are all worn out and I look like a bag lady in them.  Do I keep them and only wear them in the house or toss them out?  3)  this relationship is going nowhere.  Calling it quits will be rough.  Do I hang in there or make a clean break?

It's that bowl.  I liked it ok but not my fav.  If it had been the raku one on my dining room table I would have done my magic with the glue and kept it.  It isn't used for serving but is oh so pretty.

Is this blog striking a chord for anyone or am I out here all by myself thinking about broken bowls?

PS - if this doesn't really fall into the metaphor category, please don't tell me.  I'm feeling very smart right now and don't want the buzz killed.

Thank you.

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