Wednesday, August 24, 2016

The annual trip up north

We hadn't driven Pierce Stocking Drive in several years.  Now it has new pavement which made it even better.

One of the many look-out stops.

Aren't we cute?  It was a little humid while we were making this part of our journey.  That's my excuse, anyway.

Holy exposed roots!

There is no picture that can adequately capture how steep this sand dune is - you'd have to be insane to give it a go.  We saw a handful of crazy people doing just that.

This might help put the dune in perspective.

Hey, how'd he get in there???  This is Ryder, one of our son's best buds.  He's the general manager of our favorite place to eat in Traverse City, Northpeak Brewery.  After our dune drive we were famished.  Thanks for a great lunch, Ryder!

Full moon from Mackinaw City.

Doesn't this remind you of creepy stories told around a camp fire when you were a kid?  The narrator would put a flash light under their chin and scare the crap out of you?  Scared??? 

The light as we took the ferry from Mac City to the island.

This is opposite of the light - a range light?  Petey - is that right?

This is Orville and Wilbur.  They pulled us around the island.  Nice job, boys.

Arch rock where Michael proposed to Rena.  We reenacted the scene.  Not really - too many people around.

The light in Mac City.

The "Mighty Mac" at night.  Handsome, eh?
Just so ya know - I showed uncharacteristic restraint when it came to fudge consumption.  I kept it to a half pound.  You'd be surprised how fast that stuff goes down.

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