Sunday, July 24, 2016

A Quiet Man

If you've been reading along you know Petey and I just returned from a trip out east.

The trip had been planned for a while and the dates firmed up, finally, about a month or so ago.

Besides the lighthouses and the PA Grand Canyon, we were going to be spending some quality time with Peter's side of the family which we were both looking forward to.

Our last visit was two years ago and our brother-in-law, Lee, was in the hospital with a leg injury which limited our time with him.

Since Peter's sister, Patty's, death five years ago we've stayed in pretty close contact with Lee via phone calls so having some face time with him was important.

As we were leaving our house, bags packed, our nephew, Mike, called to tell us that his father, our brother-in-law, had died suddenly.

The funeral was going to be in four days and we were encouraged to go ahead with our travel plans so we did with heavy hearts.

Lee Kichline was a quiet man.  A man from humble beginnings.  He was an honest, hard working man with a professional work ethic that was never surpassed by anyone.

He was a very generous man who opened his home to Peter's parents without a backward glance.

He catered, sometimes grudgingly (the guy was a saint), to Patty's every request.

He loved his grandchildren and was very, very proud of his two children, Mike and Stephanie.

The man loved to cook and we were the grateful recipients of many of his meals.

He will be missed by many.

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