Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Funny techy stuff

I was walking Augie today and trying to send an email at the same time.  I know the young ones hold their phones with one hand and use the thumb on that same hand to tap out their messages.

I was feeling quite proud of myself because I was mastering the same thing while holding a leash in the other hand.

I was tapping along when my thumb swept across the little microphone icon in the lower right corner (didn't even know it was there) and the screen went blank.

I didn't, at first, notice that there were those squiggly lines at the bottom indicating voice mode when I said a bad word.  

It printed out loud and clear.  Thankfully I rectified the error before hitting send.

Then I realized I could send an email via voice.  I already knew I could do that with a text - see what a smarty-pants I am - but didn't realize the same option goes for emails.

Boy howdy, I'm in business now!!!

On the other side of the block I saw three young boys riding their bikes up the one way street - in the middle of the street - while, obviously, playing Pokemon Go.

Think that's dangerous?

The first time we saw the Pokemon rage in play we were in downtown Holland and saw a group of young people walking down the sidewalk all holding their cell phones in front of their faces.

What the hell was going on?  

I still don't understand what it's all about.  I need to find a 10 year old for a one-on-one tutorial. 

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