Thursday, August 25, 2016

The tale of two shorts

So I started the summer with two pair (pairs?) of shorts.
I've always been more of a capri kinda gal but I kept seeing "larger" women walking around in them and also wearing sleeveless shirts so I jumped right on that band wagon.

Back to the shorts:  one pair fit me perfecting in early June.  I looked stunning, believe me.  Darn it, I don't have a picture - you'll just have to take my word.

The other pair was loose around the middle but no biggie because I stopped tucking shirts in a decade or two ago.  A little extra breathing room is always a good thing, right?

Long about the end of July I started to notice a change.

The perfectly fitting shorts must have shrunk in the dryer - damn machine - because they were still rather comfy if I was standing but sitting was a different story.  hmmmm

Then the second phenomenon occurred. 

You guessed it - those loose babies fit like a dream now. hmmmm

So unless I'm going to an event where you stand the whole damn time I'm down to one pair of shorts.

Good thing they wash well . . . and summer's almost over.

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