Thursday, September 8, 2016

An epiphany

Actually I had two today but I wasn't sure how to pluralize that word so I'll just explain both of them . . . one at a time.

The first epiphany happened this morning at Jazzercise.  I was chatting with some of my sweaty friends (Nancy, Diane and my sister, Lisa) about fans.  The floor ones and the ceiling ones and our combined experiences with them over the years.

I was describing what an idiot I look like when I go to bed at night with my blue ear plugs stuffed into the appropriate orifices and my sleep mask over my eyes but shoved slightly up onto my forehead to keep the wind from the ceiling fan from blowing across it.

It gives me a headache, ok?  That's why I do it.

Stand by for the epiphany:  Nancy said, "why don't you just reverse the direction of the fan blades."

What???  You can do that???

I'm trying it out tonight.  Stay tuned.

Epiphany #2:  After Jazzercise I was giving Lisa a lift downtown and we started gabbing.  I was still in my car and she was standing outside with the passenger door open.  

She said something about how low my seats were compared to hers. We both drive Subaru Imprezas so shouldn't they be the same?  She said, "why don't you just pump yours up with that lever thing on the side of the seat?"

What lever thing???  This lever thing?  Pump, pump, pump.

Holy crap - it's an entirely different view from up here.  Who knew!

I feel so enlightened.  Thank you to my friends and family.

Good night.  

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