Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Where have I been???

Right here and I have no idea why it's been so long since I posted a blog.

I'm sorry.  I know how y'all wait for my words of wisdom and how disappointed you've been.

I can see your sad little faces right now as you go to every day and see a blank screen.  Tears dripping down onto the keyboard.  Salt is not good for keyboards.  Did you know that?

I guess I was waiting for a profound thought to pop into my head but, so far, I got nuthin'.

So here's some random thoughts.  Well, maybe just one.

I was driving to a job in The Zoo (that's Kalamazoo, not the TV show which I am losing interest in) this morning and I noticed a lady behind me at a red light applying mascara.

Really?  Who travels with mascara in the car?  Do you think she had the rest of her make-up in the seat next to her too?  I can't imagine.

Ok.  I do slap lipstick on every now and then when the opportunity arises but mascara?  Yikes.

Ah ha!  I just thought of a reason that I've been away from my blog for so long.  I've recently taken a little break from my Cavallini paper obsession to lurk in the cereal aisles of local grocery stores.  

I started making beads using cereal boxes.  Empty of course.  Thanks to Pinterest for the inspiration.  They are big and chunky which I love and apparently others do as well so I've been busy.

How's that for an excuse?  Are you buying it?  Do you live close to me?  Would you please bring me your empty cereal boxes?  Thank you in advance.

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