Sunday, September 27, 2015

New computer chair

It was time for a new computer chair.  The one we had served us well but had a boo-boo that even duct tape couldn't help anymore.

So off to the "zoo" to shop.

We narrowed the selection to two and decided we'd really miss arms and we were ready to switch from black to brown.  Yea, let's take it home and put it together.

As I was taping a "free" sign to the old one and getting ready to wheel it to the curb we both realized it didn't have arms and wasn't black.

No wonder the cop shows always talk about eye witnesses being unreliable.  

Taking items to the curb is fun.  We guess how long it will be before someone grabs said item.

We weren't around when it happened; dinner at the bar down the street.  I think we were gone about an hour and the chair wasn't there upon our return.

It was a good day . . . except for the fact that we now know we'd make horrible witnesses.

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