Friday, September 18, 2015

Fair thoughts

Tomorrow is the last of our 9-day county fair.  

This is my 10th year working the main gate.

I believe I've seen it all but what I've seen most of is nice people.  I really mean it - nice, smiling, laughing, joking people.

I've enjoyed all of the days but my favorite is Veteran's Day.  I was so geeked because in years past I wasn't scheduled to work that day and I was on duty this year.

I was lucky that it wasn't slammed, crazy busy that I had enough time to look each vet square in the eye and thank them for their service.  

That was one of my highlights.  The only low light was the cigarette smoke.  Honestly, at times it seems as though every other car had at least one smoker in it.  People - you're killing yourselves!

The other observation is that people do NOT read signs.  Wow.  The prices for entrance and parking are posted right smack dab in front of every gate and still, I hear shocked responses when I tell them how much they need to hand over to me.

We've had great weather this year although tomorrow isn't looking too good but I'd venture to say 8 straight sunny ones has to be a record.

And . . . I had my first corn dog.  Yeah, baby!

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