Thursday, February 26, 2015

Same name, different digs

The Lady Gang gathers at a local coffee house called MugShots.  I'd reference the blog I did about it sometime ago if I remembered how and wasn't too lazy to figure out.  Or . . . you could go look for it in my archives.  hahahaha, yeah, like you're gonna do that.

Anyway, things changed for MugShots recently (notice how they don't use caps and I do - can't help myself) and they have a new home - about 2 doors down the street.  Bigger and brighter.

Take a look.

Bright colors, cool shapes.

This is where the yummy stuff is served.

Can you see my nose print on this case?

Easy-to-see menu.

We were few in number yesterday but we tried out the back wall in this area and claimed it.  Perfect!

Nice prints of downtown Allegan. 

This is the view you're treated to from all the rear windows.  I didn't get a decent shot of the 2 decks out there, covered with snow, but when they get a "face lift" it will be a great spot to sit and watch the river.  And practice out cat calls when unsuspecting pedestrians stroll by on the boardwalk.

I loved the arty touch of birch branches.

Vintage looking burlap shades.  Cool, eh?

More burlap.  Somebody got their "art" on.

The Lady Gang was happy in the new digs. We're there every Wednesday morning solving all the problems of the world.

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