Monday, February 23, 2015


There are all kinds of pillows and they play a significant role in our lives, don't they?

Today I'm thinking about the ones that play a role I simply don't understand.

Those fancy ones people love to put on their beds.  You know the ones with fringe or little balls hanging off the edges.

My SIL, Patty, loved those pillows.  She desperately wanted me to love them too.  It never happened.  She would be so happy to know that her daughter, my niece, Stephanie, has kept (do the "e's" look funny - like "c's"?  They look identical to me - wth???) the tradition alive.  

I don't know if the decorative pillow thing is a "New York" thing, an "Italian thing" or a "big city" thing.

My biggest issue with all those pillows, that have no particular function, is where the hell am I supposed to put them when it's time to climb into bed?

The condo we rented in Florida had those pillows and I just shoved them under the bed and left them there for the whole month.  I hope the landlord found them after we left.

I guess I should also mention the really, really cool sofa pillows you see in magazines but are so huge I don't think there would be room on the couch for anyone else.  

I don't get it.  I think I'm too "German."

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