Friday, February 20, 2015

My battery died - I thought

I've had a nice Seiko watch for a number of years.  I love it although I've never figured out how to set the date.  It doesn't really matter because those numbers are so small I can't read them anyway.

I'm a watch person.  I'm not one of those young ones that snub their noses at watches as they check their phones a hundred times a day.  Or . . . ask me for the time because I'm wearing a watch!

Anyway.  Imagine my angst when I realized my sweet Seiko had stopped working the other day.

A handful of years ago it wouldn't have bothered me as much because we had a jewelry store downtown.  No more.

That means I have to (or thought) leave town to buy a new battery.  Then someone mentioned that the hardware store carries batteries.  Boy howdy, I zipped down the street so fast - like a "New York minute."

Turns out you need to have the battery # and it's not on the back of the watch - must be on the battery, eh?  Ok, so take the back off.  Nope.  No can do.  No tool to do that.

What???????  Isn't this a hardware store?

Frustrated I returned home.  Double frustrated because it means we now have to leave town in search of a jewelry store and Mother Nature is NOT cooperating.

Enter Petey with a tenacity trait that is envied by millions.

He got out the magnifying glass to see if there really was a number somewhere.

That was when he noticed in teeny, tiny letters "solar."  hmmmm.  Doesn't that mean that there is NO NEED FOR A BATTERY?

He jumped on the internet and asked Mr.Google for help.

Two minutes later my watch was placed under a high intensity lamp for 3 hours and it's ticking like new now!!!

All is right with the world.  Whew.

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