Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Dinner club: Fall Formal

It was our turn to host dinner club recently.  Sometimes we have a theme and other times - not so much.

I had the brilliant idea of naming this one "The Fall Formal."  No other instructions.  I wanted to see what these nut-jobs would come up with.

Let's set the scene first.

 There are 12 of us and our table will not accommodate all so we always have to set up the "children's table."  I put names (randomly selected) under each plate so no one would feel banished.

Yes, everyone had a little something to take home afterward.

Now for some nut-job pics.

Since these 2 are Clemson fans and orange is a school color - they ran with it.  Orange = Fall Formal?  I guess so.

I honestly don't know what the hell is going on here.  It took me a while to recover but then I noticed the ill-fitting tux jacket.

I never got a believable explanation as to why Rosie decided to not participate in the theme.

Grabbing orange clothing and some fake flowers and these two were a "fall" vision if I ever saw one.

Again, no explanation.  Did she not get the email?

Children's table.  Honestly, the placement was random.

The "grown-ups" table.  I use that description loosely.  Very, very loosely.

These photos were taken later in the evening.  Much later.
You didn't see everyone, did you.  Yes, there was a camera malfunction on my part and the other photos that were supposed to be sent to me by someone (Tom Richmond) haven't arrived as yet so I'm forging ahead without them.

Maybe I'll be able to add them at a later date if someone (Tom Richmond) finally figures out how to get pics from his phone attached to an email.

Wait for it . . . wait for it. 


  1. I really want to start a dinner club now. Thank you for the motivation!

  2. We've been together 20+ years with only one divorce!
    Each couple hosts once a year; monthly is just too much.
    We have a blast every single time we're together.