Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Do you have a "pet" phrase?

I notice stuff and one of the things I notice a lot are pet phrases.  I also notice that the people using said phrases don't realize they use them ad nauseam.
I know someone who says "you know what I mean?" at the end of most sentences.
"You know" is a favorite of many, many, many people.
"Um" is another one.
"The whole nine yards" came out of a guy from the Bahamas way too many times.
I, of course, did not think that I fell into that group of repeaters. 
That is until I pointed out Petey's habit.  I won't reveal it here - to protect the innocent.  He took it like the man he is - shocked at first, went directly into denial and then . . . caught himself.  His eyes widened and we started laughing.  
Then he gently pointed out the fact that I say "blah, blah, blah."
What???????????  No way.  Really?  
Every time since then I catch myself and stop after the first "blah."
So - do you have one - that you're aware of?  Have you spotted one on a friend or family member that is driving you distraction?
Come on, fess up.


  1. Lol....Loved this, Ellen. I notice I say, "right?" at the end of a lot of sentences....which I hate saying!!! And when did that become part of my vocabulary?!?! I'm really working on changing this!

    1. Let's blame that one on your kids, Kass. Right? hehehehe

  2. 2 come to mind, but if I had conversations with myself more often I'd probably discover more...

    "Don't tell me what to do" (friendly response to anyone implying I might want to do something) "Stop cussing at me" (anytime anyone tells me "no" to anything)

  3. Brilliant responses, Juls. I'm going to try and remember those. Thanks, kid.
    I just practiced both out loud and I sounded friggin' awesome.