Sunday, November 3, 2013


Another successful year for the open house.  Mother Nature even kept her promise and it didn't rain.  

Alexa is the first person people see when they walk through the door.  Placement is everything.  She's the "hook" and you'll know why when you take a good look at her pottery.

The traffic pattern then moves people gently into the dining room where I entice them with my glass beads.  There are also cookies and punch nearby which always helps.

Fran and her fantastic soap also shared the dining room with me.

My sister, Lisa, rounded out the dining room trio with her It Works products.  She had a battle on her hands trying to talk "healthy" with people while there was a table laden with sugary delights across the room.
Joan was the "newbie" this year with these darling pillowcases.  She was part of the "back porch" gang.

Hats and scarves by Sheila caught many an eye.  I bought a hat and I don't even look good in hats but hers transformed me into a winter beauty.  Look for me when I walk Augie this winter.  You'll be amazed. hehe

Linda rounded things out on the porch with her mittens guaranteed to toast the digits and funky hats to make you look . . . well, funky.

We, the vendors, always enjoy ourselves and the people who stop by to chat, have a cookie or 6 and wet their whistles with a tasty punch seem to get a kick out of the event as well.

That's our goal here at Beaddazzled.  Another good year.


  1. Congratulations....everything looks wonderful, no wonder you all do so well!

  2. It was very nice. I have already gifted the earrings I bought and will be giving some soap as a gift tomorrow.