Sunday, January 20, 2013

What's on your walls?

I don't have any idea where this thought came from and, believe me, I'm not showing off but I think you can tell a lot about people by what they have nailed up on their walls.

We like to bring back things from places we've visited or display pictures, etc. that were given to us by family and friends.

 My sister, Lisa, brought us back this Celtic A from Ireland.

      This is a watercolor done by my friend, Joy Richmond.
     This is a print of the "New Orleans" area of Fairhope, AL.
                                                           Charleston, SC.

                                                           Savannah, GA.

                                                     My mom as a little girl.

 These two pieces were done by my pal, Gary Czerwinski.

 We bought this coolio piece of fused glass in New Mexico  in '03.
 With the exception of the star, these tiles were all made by my friend, Alexa Birkam. Anyone else notice how I forgot to turn the picture right side up?  Tilt your head to the left cuz I'm not going back in to change it.

 My father brought this hat back from China when he was 16 years old in 1936.

 My former college roomie, Leslie, gave us this lovely piece as a "thank you" after being a house guest for a week or so.  She can come back anytime!

I found out it's not easy taking pictures of things in glass frames.  So there are other items I would have liked to show you but the frustration level had me swearing so I'm good if you're good.

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