Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Are you a hugger?

I am but not obnoxiously so.  I hug family and close friends but not every single time I see them.  

I'm a fan of the sideways hug when the person doesn't fall into the category of "full on" hug.  You know what I mean.  You don't really want to press bodies with this particular person but you can see they're heading in that direction.  You have to be swift of foot in order to avoid the unwarranted (in your opinion) closeness.

The other hazard to hugging occurs if you happen to wear glasses. I can't tell you the number of times I've had to stop into our friendly Allegan Eyecare for an adjustment.  Trying to avoid damage to your specs isn't easy either.  You have to turn your head so far that the person you're hugging gets a face full your hair.  Awkward. 

The other downside to hugging is coming out of the embrace totally encapsulated in fragrance.  Theirs, not yours.  How can that smell transfer so quickly?  Then you're stuck with it for the rest of the day.

There are quick hugs.  The "hey, how ya doing?  Haven't seen you in a long time.  You look great" hugs.  And then there are the "I've missed you so much" hugs.  Then there are the "good-bye hugs."
I know there are more.  I think I've experienced them all.

99% of the time hugs are good.  They give comfort.  A comfort only the human touch can bring.  I like them.  Just not the gratuitous ones.   

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