Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Did you make some resolutions?

I didn't.  I don't even go through the motions anymore.  Periodically, I try to add something to my daily regime that will better my life (although I can't think of a damn thing right now) and every now and then I try to stop doing something (like using "gonna" and "gotta" or swearing) that will improve my image.  I have failed miserably  on the swearing thing but catch myself (sometimes) on the other words.

My Jazzercise instructor, Brenda, and my friend, Cathy Monroe, have decided to rid their homes of sugar.  Now, that's just insane.  Sugar is not my enemy; it's my BFF.

Maybe if I replace the word "resolution" with "goal" I would be more successful.  Makes it feel more like a sport, don't you think?
Wait, I was never very involved in sports.  I'll need to rethink this.

So, let's get twenty-thirteen rolling! 


  1. Leslye Wilson BursonJanuary 1, 2013 at 9:30 AM

    Happy New Year Ellen !!! My 2013 "goal" is to do more random acts of kindness !!!

  2. Same to you, roomie. I love getting a random act of kindness out of the way before noon - takes the pressure off.