Monday, January 7, 2013

Another "word" thing.

How's your spelling?  Mine used to be kick-ass but I've noticed that it's slipping a bit.

How about the words that trip you up constantly?  How much do you love spell check?

Every single time I spell niece  or  receive I have to repeat, "i before e except after c."

How about principal vs principle?  The person in the school office is your "pal."  That helps.

Angel vs angle.  I have to say the word "gel" out loud or embarrassing things happen.

Attendance, evidence, etc.  I'm constantly asking myself if it's "ence or ance?"

Naturally all these issues happen when I'm not on the 'puter.  

Can you imagine trying to tackle this fickle language if you were born in another country?  Americans have enough trouble with it!

Which ones give you fits?  What are your tricks?  Any rhymes/songs involved?   


  1. Here's my newest. We bought a cabin this summer in Beulah, Mi not Buelah. I think that is right or it is the opposite. Can't remember the zip code half the time either. It is on Bluewater Dr. Thank goodness for an easy street name. This can't be an age thing just an English spelling rules thing. Right????? Joyce

    1. Joyce - I'm with you on the spelling rules thing - absolutely nothing to do with our age. Nada!

  2. There was a lady on Wheel of Fortune recently that solved the puzzle. But she was from the south and said "Dancin" with the Stars instead of Dancing with the Stars. She lost.
    So "speakin" and "spellin"can be tricky. Anne

    1. I wonder if other languages have as many slang terms as we do? We certainly love to shorten things up, don't we?

  3. Thank goodness for spell checker, my English has actually improved :)