Thursday, May 31, 2018

Bug bites and me

I've had some weird experiences with bug bites.  Some of them are or should be embarrassing but - you know me - they weren't.

I blogged about attending the retirement party of our doctor friend, Tim Dickenson ( I can never remember if it's "in" or "en") with a nasty reaction to a bug bite on my chest and didn't have an issue with asking him "would you mind looking down my shirt"?  Whereupon he whipped out his handy-dandy flashlight which he apparently has at the ready and looked down my shirt.  I should also add that Petey had a flashlight as well (WTH?) and he joined in the fun.

Doc gave me home remedy advice and sent me on my way.

Another bite occurred, also in my back yard, and that little stinker got me on the back of my upper leg - right below my you-know-what.  

That bite, like the one above, went from tiny to "holy shit, what's going on"? (question mark before or after the quotes?) very quickly and we were out of town.  Not far, though, but it was on a Sunday so I thought it would be a good idea to stop off at another doctor friend's house - Rian Mintek.

He answered the door and I asked if I could come in and drop my pants.  He didn't blink an eye and gestured, with a sweeping arm, so I entered.

I think he wrote me a Rx because there was mention of FLESH EATING VIRUS.

Now to current events:  we were at a neighborhood party down the street on Monday afternoon. Bridget and Bill Haag were the hosts in their beautiful home.

Bill had just finished a tour of the grand house and we were standing in the foyer downstairs when I felt something bite me on the upper leg (what's with the upper leg as a favorite target?).  I tried to ignore it but the biting continued.

I knew I had to get rid of the sucker so I said "excuse me but something's biting me and it needs to go."  I know Bill was present for the show and I also think Fred Jordan witnessed me shoving my hand down my shorts and aggressively moving it around in a frantic way.  Again, no one blinked an eye.

I was thinking of taking a picture to show you just how many bites I received that day (7) but there isn't enough money in this world to get me to show ya'll my upper thigh.

You're welcome. 

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