Monday, April 9, 2018

Florida, 2018

 In no particular order (well, maybe reversing the timeline).  This is Gulfport.  A small community very near our rental.  Such a fun place to hang and we did that a lot.
 Our last evening in Gulfport.  What a beautiful view.
Don't we look serene.  Florida will do that for ya.
 Not sure we would have ever found this place if a friend of a friend didn't recommend it.
 All the food, and I mean everything, is made from scratch.
 A park we hadn't been to in a few years.  Nice to touch base again.
My bestie, Kathi.  We've been buds since the early 70s.
 Fort DeSoto.  Hadn't been here for 8 years.  Outstanding.
 A park downtown St.Pete where we love to walk and watch.
 Loved this restaurant in Gulfport.  We sat on the porch pictured below.

 A new addition (the equipment, not Petey) to the downtown park.
 Augie chillin' at the park.  He likes to watch too.
 A favorite in St.Pete.  Home of the "hubcap" pancake.  Yes, I had one.

 Sunset at Madeira Beach.
 This store/restaurant is a favorite.  It's wild and wonderful.  Made the Sicilian I'm married to a happy man.  We visited several times.
 John's Pass out on the beach.  Stores, restaurants and people.
Petey bought a folding bicycle and spent a lot of time riding on the Pinellas Trail near our house.
 Kathi introduced us to luxury movie watching.  We loved it!
 Had to check it out . . . cuz, Dead Bob's.  Fun place, decent food.
 One of our favorite places in Gulfport.  It is always hoppin'.
I love palm trees.  I'm fondest of this particular kind.

All in all, Petey and I agree that this year was the best ever.
Counting the days until our return.

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  1. Love your pics & so glad u had a great time!