Friday, April 27, 2018


This is the story of a dead cat.

Neighbor #1 lives across the street from us.  She went on a well deserved 4 day vacation.

She asked Neighbor #2 (who lives right behind her) to watch her cat while she was gone.  The cat goes out twice a day which has never been a problem

The day after #1 left #2 came to our door early that morning to ask for our help.  She couldn't find the cat and then discovered it had been hit and killed around the corner and was in the middle of a busy street.

I called the local police department and they said they'd send someone from public works to pick the cat up.  They asked that #2 go stand by the intersection.

Petey went with #2 for moral support.  Before the city guy could arrive a kindly pedestrian came along and picked up the cat and put it in the box that #2 brought along.

Now Petey and #2 went to #1's house to put the cat in the back porch until they could contact #1 to find out what she wanted done with the body.

As they rounded the house into the back yard - guess who was sitting at the door waiting to be let in?

So . . . . now what?  Who did the dead kitty belong to?

#2 decided to take the boxed cat back to her house and I'd redirect the city guy to pick it up there.  The body was destined for the city dumpster.

As #2 stood waiting for the pick up she began to wonder if the cat actually belonged to one of her neighbors who lived directly across the street from her.

Enter Neighbor #3.  #2 crossed over the street and knocked on #3's door and asked if her cat was there.  #3 immediately said "why, is he dead???"  She took a peak into the box across the street and started to cry.

Enter Neighbor #4 who lives right next door to #3.  She came out on her porch to see what was going on - alerted by #3's cries.

#3 said "my cat was hit by a car and is dead."  #4 pointed toward #3's house and shouted "isn't that your cat under the porch?"

Yup.  You guessed it.  #3's cat was safe and sound and probably wondering what all the crying and yelling was about.

So if you're missing a cat, you'd better hurry up to the city dumpster.  It's been a few days.

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