Monday, February 26, 2018

Random (non-political) thoughts

The first "random" thought isn't actually a thought but a tip.
Yeah, a tip from Ellie. I can feel your excitement.
It's a breakfast tip.  I went for a long stretch of time not eating breakfast.  Particularly when I was employed by the public ed system.  Particularly when I was working at the middle school - high school level because lunch was so damn early.  
I could not eat breakfast at home and then eat lunch at 10:20a.  Just not possible.
So I went without and ate like a ranch hand during "lunch."
I've been retired since 2006 and was still skipping the morning nosh until a year ago.
I was thinking I needed to give it a try again.  My friend, Mary VanderVeen, was extolling the virtues of Kashi GoLean one day so I checked it out.  I decided against going the milk and bowl route, though, and sprinkled some of the cereal on top of Greek yogurt.
I'M IN!!! 

Here comes a random thought.  I was thinking about the word "pretty" the other day.  Obviously it is used to describe something or someone who is pleasing to the eye.

But it is also used, constantly, in place of "very."
"That restaurant was pretty awful."
"I'm pretty tired; can't climb that mountain today.  It's pretty high."

Don't you wonder how subbing "pretty" for "very" ever came about?

Post Olympics: I'll confess, I didn't watch much of it.  I "pretty" much waited for clips on Good Morning, America.  We did, however, watch some curling.  Much, much more interesting than I thought it would be.  "Pretty" exciting, too.

Packing for an extended stay away from home becomes way more stressful as one ages.  I think it has something to do with forgetting stuff ALL THE DAMN TIME.  

How long has that remote mic been attached to ear buds???  My bestie, Jeremy Dutkiewicz, enlightened me just last week about this "pretty" cool piece of technology. I'm not a huge ear bud user but the mic has allowed me to make calls during Augie walks without having to take off my mittens to do so.  Also, picking up poopies during the walks is a lot easier now that I don't have to juggle the phone.  It's a whole new world.  I got to enlighten my older sister, Stacey, since she knew nothing about this mic thing.  I love paying it forward.  

I think I'm done with random thoughts.
I hope you have a "pretty" nice day today.

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