Monday, February 5, 2018

Me and my watch

I've worn a watch for many, many years.  I'm not sure how old I was when I got my first watch but I wouldn't be surprised if it was when I was in junior high.  I'm pretty sure wearing a watch at that age was cool.  That's what I'm telling myself, anyway.

I've had the stretchy band, the leather band and the bracelet arrangement.  Loved them all.  I felt naked without my watch.

I've noticed since the cell phone craze started that the young 'uns don't wear watches because - well, they always have their phones. No need to take up wrist space when your cell is right there.  
All. The.  Time.

A while back I had an issue with my watch quitting on me.  I thought it was a battery problem until I discovered my watch had solar power.  I did the research on what you're supposed to do when your solar watch poops out and that seemed to help.  

Until recently.  I did the whole bit about setting it on a window sill to catch as much sun as you can here in Michigan during the damn winter. I also turned on the high intensity light that I use to make beads with but neither option worked.

Then I thought - should I actually try going without a watch?  Will my life continue without incident if I do? I actually own a cell.

Then the pluses occurred to me .  It would end the frustration I've been experiencing of late when I look at it and the time is way off. After some squinting I realize the second hand isn't moving. Frustrating.

Not wearing a watch will certainly free up wrist space which means MORE BRACELETS!!!

Lastly, no watch may signal to the younger generation that I'm as cool as they are.

Humor me.


  1. I actually started wearing a watch at work because I didn't want to look to my phone for the time (we have clocks in the classroom - they tell all kinds of time or are completely dead). Why don't you sell the watch to someone who wants a solar watch and buy an automatic watch? Seiko sell nice ones for a reasonable price or you can get a Rolex like I have. Actually, I bought this watch in a market 5 years ago - it's a copy, but an automatic nonetheless. It still works perfectly, apart from the date function, which rolls over now and then - I think I broke it by moving it the wrong way. The point is that automatic, whatever the brand, is very cool, imo. Besides checking your watch to signal to someone that you have grown tired of their company is far more classy than using the phone for that purpose.

    1. Trying to re-sell a watch that doesn't work probably won't fly.
      I'm really getting used to being watch-less so I'm going to continue to forge ahead with a bare wrist.