Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Bird poop

Ever been shat upon by a bird?  Either sitting in a tree (the bird, not you) or flying overhead?

I remember years ago we were at an outdoor memorial with my mom.  Down by the river at our lovely gazebo.  I think the memorial was for Joe Armstrong, a local legend.  

Mom took a hit while standing there thinking of Joe.  We all knew he would have laughed the loudest had he been present.  Maybe he was and we just didn't hear him laughing, eh?

Another famous "bird poop" story involves my friend, Rosie.  We were sitting on the beach in South Haven and decided to walk back up to the cottage to refill our drinks.  One of the husbands yelled from quite a distance to please bring him something (beer) and we nodded "yes."  Just as Rosie was turning around to head toward the cottage we thought one of the guys had thrown something at us and against all odds, it dropped right into Rosie's Styrofoam cup of diet Pepsi and it splashed all over her lovely swim suit.

When we stopped cursing the bugger that threw the object, we looked closer and it was actually a dead hit from a seagull.  Yuck!

What led me to thinking about bird poop?  As I stood watching a flock of low flying geese yesterday I wondered . . . do they poop while flying?  Can you image one of those bombs???  I know they poop like crazy on the ground but are they multi-taskers like so many other birds?  Can they poop and fly at the same time?

Curious minds (well, maybe just mine) want to know.

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