Thursday, May 28, 2015

We're having a garage sale!

Last year Petey and I, with help from our friend, Jo's, truck emptied the basement of stuff. We made several trips to the "throw away" dumpsters in the industrial park.

This year we swept the house again but with "garage sale" in mind.
We found things we'd forgotten we even had.

Some items were easy to put in the "let's sell that" pile and others were tough.  Maybe we'd need that or memories attached to a few things made the decision difficult.

Haven't used this in many years.  Time to go.

Never used this one.
I played this autoharp a lot for several years - not well. 
I think I got this at my first auction with Sue Lange.  She made me bid on it.

What's your best bet here?  It's metal. A stencil?
You know you want these.  Even if your last name doesn't start with an "A." 
This will not be our first garage sale so we're prepared for people wanting to fill their trunks for $12.00.  It's time.  We'll deal.

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