Wednesday, May 13, 2015

A question for the ladies.

Let's see a show of hands, gals (don't worry, I'll be able to magically count how many of you actually do that), who likes to go
                                    BRA SHOPPING?????

As my body changes (notice I didn't say "ages") so does, it seems, my bra size.  So, off to the mall I went.  I was originally going to go to a specialty shop and have someone measure me and wait on me hand and foot but I ended up at the mall instead.

As I walked in I thought I would just go to Macy's and start grabbing and then I heard a whisper . . . from Victoria.  She told me to give her a chance to make me a happy lady.

I had never been to Victoria's Secret before because I thought it was just for the tall, thin and young set.  I almost turned around at the entrance because, I swear, the place was filled with 13 year old girls.  EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEK!

Turns out they were pretty much in the half of the store that sells fragrance, etc.  Whew.

I must have had that "deer in the headlights look" on my face because a very nice young lady approached and asked if she could be of help.

Hell, yes!  

And then the Victoria machine went to work.  What a slick operation.

I was measured and questioned and actually listened to and put into a dressing room where "Holly" did her thing.  

They wear a little headset so they can request styles and sizes and those items appear at your door.

We narrowed it down to one style and they only had one color that I liked (didn't need screaming purple, etc) but they ordered another to my liking which will be delivered (free) to my door soon.

I liked this operation and will return in the future.  The "girls" are happy too.

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