Tuesday, May 5, 2015


Do you have one of these?

We have a few and always use one in the living room during the warm/hot months to move the cool air around.

I thought it would be a good idea to first locate the fan I'll use in the living room and then make sure it worked.  

Someone noticed the blades were in need of a bath.  Since that someone was busy doing car stuff (his needed an oil change and mind needs brakes) I offered my "fan services" to take care of the fan bath.

No problem.  A Philips screwdriver took care of loosening the protective screen in front and those blades cleaned up lickety-split.

Now all I needed to do was put the screen back on.  

Look back up at the picture.  Does it look like it's been put back together?  Oh, hell no.  

There was a good bit of swearing.  I pulled out the big guns (the F bomb) and still couldn't get it back in place.

At one point it looked like it was going to work but the name plate was upside down and I didn't give a damn.

I had to walk away.  I went to Jazzercise to work off my frustration and upon my return, I decided I was ok with not having a protective screen on that fan.

We don't have any little kids in the house and I'm pretty sure Augie will stay away from it.  Well, pretty sure.  He would only give it one sniff and learn from the experience.  Right? 

So is there a lesson to be learned here?  Yes, there is.

That fan wasn't all that dirty to begin with.  Shoulda left it alone!

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