Wednesday, December 17, 2014

"Lady Gang" Christmas coffee, 2014

I believe I've mentioned the "Lady Gang" here before.  If you're new to my blog (where the heck have you been?), we meet every Wednesday downtown at MugShots.

One of our ladies is, Sheila, and for some odd reason or another she invites us all to her house for a Christmas coffee.  Glutton for punishment or just too damn nice?  I'm going with the nice thing.

She really gets into the whole decorating for Christmas spirit too.
After you look at the pictures below you'll be amazed to know that she has "cut back."  Yikes!!!

Yes, I know.  Tilt your head, please, until I figure out the picture program in our new Chromebook.  Sorry.

More tilting required.  I swear these were upright before I moved them over here.


Getting a crick in your neck yet?

A slightly blurry picture of Sheila's assistant hostess, Angel.
Another wonderful event.  Time spent with a bunch of savvy women.  A lot of good discussions and, oh yeah, a yummy coffee cake!

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