Sunday, December 14, 2014

A Dinner Club Christmas

Once again our dinner club experience was filled with laughter, crafting and food, food, glorious food.

There was a theme, too.  We could attend and somehow represent icy weather.  I say could because not everyone did.  I think you'll be able to pick out the rebels when you look at the pictures below.

 Try as I might, I saw absolutely nothing to represent "ice" on Mr.Burnett on the far left.  Rosie, next to him, doesn't look like she got into the game but I found a few of those cheepo icicles clinging to the back of her sweater.

It's hard to spot the huge snowflake that our hostess, Melissa, had hanging around her neck because of her white sweater but it was there alright and very "icy."

Paula not only had a snowflake sweater on but one around her neck and a sparkling snowflake tiara as well.  She felt it identified her as some kind of snow princess.  No one corrected her.

We were greeted by these lovely icy beverages as we entered the Melissa and Richard domicile.

Rian skied up so that's why he has icicles hanging from his beard.  Oh . . . wait.  There wasn't any snow outside was there.  Well, I wonder where those icicles came from then?

Richard, our ice hockey fan host.

Melissa thought it would be great fun for us to make snowflakes.  The project had a very rocky start because none of us could stop talking long enough to comprehend the directions.  There were some very interesting "snowflakes" before we got the hang of it.

Always a treat when Tom Richmond sits down at the piano.  You can see how much Mr.Hunter is enjoying the holiday music.  I don't think he really needed to take his shoes off, though.  Do you?

Melissa goes above and beyond when it comes to setting a fancy table, doesn't she?  Check out the napkins folded in the shape of a Christmas tree.  I'm going to practice doing that.  I think it would look great next to a paper plate with a grilled cheese sandwich on it.

The finished product!!! 


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