Saturday, November 8, 2014


We're all about paper napkins here in the Altamore household.  Always have been.  Sometimes they're nice paper napkins but most of the time they're cheap ones.

Every time we host dinner club or have any kind of a fancy dinner with company (which I notice is less and less as time goes by) I have to borrow my sister, Lisa's, cloth napkins.  Thanks, Lisa.

Well, recently I decided I'd had enough of that borrowing (mooching) so my other sister, Stacey, and I scooted into Pier 1 last week to see what they had to offer.

They had a lot of cloth napkins and had a helluva sale goin' on to boot.

Boy, howdy!  I picked up a dozen; 6 of the green-ish ones and 6 of the other.

I feel all grown up now.

The other night Petey and I used them for the first time.  They looked a bit odd sitting next to the paper plates but we enjoyed them.

We're going to try and use them all the time now - not just for company.  After all, I am a former "Stephens Susie" so it should come naturally to me, right? 


  1. My napkins will miss your dinner club parties!

  2. You are hilarious..."looked a bit odd sitting next to the paper plates.." LOL!