Thursday, November 13, 2014

A family reunion with the clan

So last Sunday mom, Lisa, Stacey, Petey and I drove across the state to spend some time with the McDonald clan in Ann Arbor.

There were a few McDonalds (Browns) there that we had never met before which put the icing on the cake.

It's a girl!  They're scarce in the McDonald clan  This is Tiegan (probably spelled it wrong - sorry) and her mom Maureen.

A cutie-pie, eh?

The hosts of the gathering.  My cousin, Wendy and her husband, Bob.

My cousin, Terry, with mom.  His mom was my mom's sister.

These are Terry's sons, Caleb and Joshua.  I loved meeting them for the first and I hope not the last time.

Tavis McDonald (Scottish enough for ya?) and my sister, Lisa.

The tall guy (there were a lot of them there) on the left is my cousin, Scot (two Ts or one?) father of Tavis and next to him is my husband, Petey.

Scott's (I'm giving him two Ts now) wife, Linda, hanging onto her sweet grand-daughter.  Terry looks like he's really getting into something, doesn't he?

That's my Uncle Ray.  We were celebrating his 91st b-day.  He's mom's brother.

My boy cousins who are brothers.  Richard on the left and you've already met Scot/Scott.

Food and family.  It's a hard combo to beat.

The triplets:  Wendy, Richard and me.  All born within 6 weeks of one another. 

The other triplets.  I can't remember the time spread on these guys but I think it was equally as close.

The only one you haven't seen yet is my sister, Stacey.  The shortest one in the clan.  Can you find her? hehe

Ter flanked by his boys.  Smiles all around.

The third generation.  See what I mean about the boy thing?

Cake, a song, hugs and good-byes.  What a wonderful afternoon.

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