Thursday, November 6, 2014

I missed one

I'm sure the reason behind Daylight Savings Time was a good one but I'm all for doing away with it now.  

Enough is enough!  What a pain and I simply do not see any gain.

I would much rather have a dark morning than an early evening.  Here on the western most edge of eastern time, it's dark by 5:30p.  I really feel sorry for the poor suckers on the east coast.  

The biggest PIA is changing the clocks.  All of them.  I always miss one and it took until today to realize I forgot about the coffee pot.

I woke up smelling coffee this morning and was ready to get up.  I have it set to start doing its thing at 6:30.  Imagine my disappointment when I saw the "real" time!

The other issue I have with changing the time is that I prefer to have every single time piece in my house/body/car to be exactly the same.  It's a challenge.  And frankly, I'm over it. 

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