Saturday, July 5, 2014


Is there a sound, sight or smell that sends you looking for a place to hurl?
If not a full-blown vomit, maybe just a vurp (that's a combination of a burp and vomit) or a really violent gag?
When I was a kid it was the smell of baking acorn squash.  I love the stuff now but the aroma wafting from mom's kitchen back in the day made me nauseous.
I can't think of an odor or a sight that creeps me out now at age 65.
There is, however, a sound that makes me throw up a little in my mouth.
Men spitting!!!  I can deal with the "baseball player spit."  There's no audio accompanying that action.
It's the "deep from the throat/lungs clearing" just before the spit that sends me reeling.
What is it with guys?  Women never do that. 
And I'm sorry if this sounds snooty but you'd never see a banker in a 3-piece suit walking down the sidewalk in a busy metropolitan city hawkin' a loogie.
All I'm asking guys (not that many men are reading my blog . . . but they should) is that you give a little look-see before you make that repulsive noise.  If I'm within 2 miles of you - wait until you get the hell home or make it to the confines of a public bathroom before you do "you know what."
I'm feeling kinda queasy so I'll have to sign off now. 

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