Saturday, July 19, 2014

Limping actors

Remember "Chester" from Gunsmoke?  You don't?  How old are you?
For those of you who remember him (if you don't, Google him), he had a limp.  I can't remember his "real" name but can you imagine the day he got the call for the role?  I'm sure he was thrilled but when he read his physical description I wonder if he paused and said "hmmm, a limp."
That show went on for decades and poor "Chester" was stuck limping for all those years.
I don't remember if they ever explained his limp but I don't think it was very pivotal to the story line.
Fast forward 50 years or so and Hugh Laury from House got stuck with a limp too.  It always drove me crazy that he used his cane on the wrong side.  For god's sake - he was playing a doctor.  Didn't he know better?
Unlike the ME on CSI, who is an actual double amputee, he's using crutches for real.
Now moving on to the blind thing.  There have been many actors over the years cast to play a blind person.  I don't ever remember a blind person playing a blind person, though.
Deaf?  Yes, at least real deaf people have played that part many times.  It's hard to pull off Sign Language when it's not native to you.
I guess the other challenge would be the wheelchair.  For the life of me, I don't know why they don't hire actors that live in their chairs. Just because they don't walk doesn't mean they can't act.
I might have just gotten off track a bit.  I didn't mean for this to segue into a slight rant . . . but I'm not going to backspace.
Anyway - just something on my mind lately.
I'll bet "Chester" was glad when Gunsmoke finally came to an end.  He got to take the pebble out of his shoe.
Maybe that wasn't "Chester" that did that - I think it might have been the dad on Frazier.  He said it helped him limp.
It's been 5 minutes and I haven't thought of a clever way to wrap up this thing so . . . Ciao! 

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