Friday, September 14, 2012

Some "fair" thoughts.

So y'all know I love the fair and that I've been working at the entrance gates.  This is, in fact, my seventh year.  I love seeing all the people that come through whichever gate I'm working.  99.9% of them are a joy.  They're friendly and courteous and most of them "get" me.  Every now and then you get a grump, though.  I had one the other day and, honestly, I felt like leaning out of my booth and popping her in the nose.  But I didn't.

Yesterday was Veteran's Day.  It's my favorite day of the fair.  This year I really noticed the age range.  I adore the old duffers and I feel a kinship to the guys in their 60s.  The young ones all look twelve years old to me; it's hard to imagine them in a tank or flying a plane.  I appreciate them all.

As each vet went through my gate, no matter how busy I was, I looked them in the eye and thanked them for their service.  They all looked back (some of them surprised and some with emotion filled eyes) and thanked me for thanking them.  That's when my eyes welled up - every dang time.  Hang on . . . have to wipe another tear away.  I'm such a cry baby.

Yesterday I was getting my hair cut by that wacky Michelle (I showed you a picture of her in an earlier post) and she said she always goes through "fair let-down" when they pack up and leave.  I know she's not alone on that one.

I don't work today and there's an off chance that I might end up there tonight for something to eat.  Should I take a poll of my readers and see what they think the chances are?????

Stay tuned.


  1. Oh Ellen, I feel the same way about Vets day as I have for my 4 year stint on the gates. It is so truly amazing to thank them for what they do and did and see the shock and awe on their faces that someone is really thanking them for their service. I had one guy tell me that was about 75 that he would do it all over again. Great day.
    I do think there was more than one person I would have smacked. One crazy maniac even called me a B...really???? Sue Ross

  2. Glad you enjoyed the week so much. It blows me away to think that it has been happening every year for 160 years (it is 160, right? or were they saying 150?--either way, that's a long time).